We are open for business!!! In order to maximize your experience and minimize Covid19 risks to our clients and staff, all of our ultrasounds will be performed at our centralized location.

Small Introduction

Peek-A-View by THE Event, LLC is a non-diagnostic imaging company. Through 3D/4D ultrasound we provide memories for expecting mothers with the latest technology. In addition to creating memorable images Peek-A-View by THE Event, LLC also has a team of experienced professionals that use a consultative approach to turn a dream gender reveal or baby shower into an unforgettable experience. Using our strengths in 2D/3D/4D imaging, event management, design, and styling, our team takes someone’s vision and turns it into a well-executed and custom event.

  • Objective #1

    Make the 3D/4D experience convenient for the expecting mother.

  • Objective #2

    Make the 3D/4D experience inclusive for family and friends.

  • Objective #3

    Create an unforgettable event to include 3D/4D ultrasound and baby shower or gender reveal.

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What Our Clients Say

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Shout out to Peek-A-View Mobile by THE Event……. They came out for a private viewing of my little bun baking in my oven. The whole family loved it. Lethu got to see her Mango (that’s the name she gave him because mangoes are her favorite). If you are in the ATL and are planning a gender reveal party, baby shower or any event hit them up. The sonographer has been doing this for 12 years and she knows her stuff….. We had fun. A big thank you to Peek-A-View Mobile by THE Event
Kholiwe D. Mom to Be
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I recently hosted a baby shower for our son and his wife. We received the services of Peek-A-View Mobile by THE Event. Peek-A-View Mobile provided a professional quality 3D ultrasound on site during the shower. How amazing is this?!
The 3D ultrasound added an extra special touch to an extra special day. The entire team was very professional. They arrived appropriately for setting up without distractions. Their equipment was clean and up to date.
They ensured to maintain privacy of the mom to be while conducting the ultrasound to make sure she was comfortable.
I would highly recommend this as an added special touch to any baby shower. It would be especially unique for a gender reveal event!

Thanks Peek-A-View Mobile by THE Event for making our shower a unique and successful event!
We would definitely use this service again.

Yolanda Grandmother to Be



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