Hourly Planning Rate

Hourly Planning Rate

For those who want to do most of the planning themselves, or who are on a tighter budget but

need help with ideas or organization, this is a great option. We meet with clients a few times

for a few hours and help them maximize their planning efforts. We have done extensive

research and have established relationships with many vendors, so this is perfect if you want

to seek out our expertise and the many resources at our fingertips. This option saves you so

much time searching for these options yourselves. We have done all the work for you! You

will leave these meetings confidently armed with all the resources you need to take the next

steps in your planning process. Our hourly consultation and planning rate is $75/hour.

Meetings are typically held in our office; however, we can meet elsewhere if it is better for

your needs. To save time for you, you can fill out a thorough event questionnaire before you

come so we can maximize your time in the meeting and we can gather some information for

you before you arrive. Day-of-Coordination and or Décor Package is a separate option and

can be added if you wish.